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We are currently working on these projects:

Mobilne Zahrady
Mobile gardens
Coordinators: Sandra Štasselová, Michal Štassel, Michal Maco

A space where neighbors become a community, where vacant urban lots come to life and are integrated back to people's mental maps. A productive space where human relations, water, soil, air and sunlight are capital.

Thist is Mobile garden Sasinkova 21 and this will be Mobile gardens.

Mobile gardens aim to transform previously vacant urban spaces into lively social places, where neighbours meet and get to know each other - urban gardens. The gardens will be temporarily located on unused lots in the inner city of Bratislava. These vacant and for long period unused spaces are a neuralgic node of social life in their neighborhood. Mobile Gardens broaden the scope of Bratislava's public spaces – spaces for adaptation, engagement, civic empowerment and co-operation on their creation and improvement.

Website of the project
Coordinators: Sandra Štasselová, Michal Štassel

Loopholes in the mental maps of Bratislava. Fenced vacant lots overgrown with weeds, deteriorating centuries-old building with broken windows, old hospitals, nurseries, hotels, apartment buildings, which are now just lifeless facades.

These are Voids. Vacant urban spaces, which are a city’s local memory lapses and also spaces for new interpretations of their potential.

The aim of Voids is to connect unused spaces with engaged citizens and to enrich them with useful practises, experiences and succesfull examples/projects. Longterm aim is to prepare material for a strategic document dealing with the problem of unused urban spaces and possible tools and solutions.

Repove listy
Repové listy
Coordinators: Sandra Štasselová, Michal Štassel

This is not a party. This is a serious civic activism.

Beetroot greens are indepentent imaginary journal acting as a platform for active citizens and other naive morons who spend their free time trying to change the world. Beetrrot greens are meetings of people, who talk about their activities, exchange experiences, share information and help each other. The meetings are usually focused on a single topic with one leading speaker.

If you want to join this discussion group, just let us know what would you like to share / talk about / receive feedback about.

What is the public space?
What is the public space?
Coordinator: Sandra Štasselová

A public space is a social space that is generally open and accessible to people.
- Wikipedia (2013) it so?

What is public space is an attempt to to capture the essence of the discourse about and in the public space. In practice the project consists of a collection of short opinions / statements / essays from very diverse authors. The methodology is the essays collection via viral e-mail.

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