Vnútroblok is an experimental platform dedicated to dynamics of social and physical spaces in urban environment.


Vnútroblok brings together ideas, projects, and people. Since 2012 we have been engaged in many activities that aim to stimulate public discourse and activate people in their interest in the city and public space.

We believe that a good public space is socialy inclusive, ecologicaly sustainable, dynamic and innovative and its creators and designers are emancipated citizens that are aware of both the rights and responsibilities of democracy.

We believe that improving the quality of public space improves the quality of civil society and vice versa.

Vnútroblok members:

Sandra Štasselová

Michal Štassel

Michal Maco

Veronika Kovácsová

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Our projects

Apart form small more-or-less regular activities we dedicate our time to couple of bigger projects listed in this section. These projects aim to make a real change in areas they operate in.

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